Robo4j.io helps Java developers quickly get going with the wonderful possibilities of the robotics/IoT world by greatly simplifying the development process. With the code and tools we provide, anyone with working knowledge of the Java programming language should be able to build their own robot or connected IoT device.

Robo4j.io is a framework providing everything from simplified access to off-the-shelf hardware components, up to a framework for message passing between all the hardware and logical components

The number of IoT units on-line are estimated to become around 30-50 billion by 2020.

Core development team: 

Miro Wengner

twitter: @miragemiko
email: miro@robo4j.io

Marcus Hirt
twitter: @hirt
email: marcus@robo4j.io

General contact information: 

GitHub Account
twitter: @robo4j 
email: info@robo4j.io

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