Thursday, August 11, 2016

Robo4j Brick Client Update : new SETUP service

  Before JavaOne 2016 conference there will be available new release, but currently development focus is on properly and easy to use working usage of Robo4j. 
  Robo4j Client module is basically based on agents. One of those agent is responsible for the system configuration. 
  On the Lego Brick is running Robo4j Client Module as the program executed inside the LejOS container. The new SETUP service can is available over the web browser by requesting link:


  By calling this service the agent responsible for the Brick configuration (configuraiton agent) broadcast the brick setup to the agent responsible for the web page generation (web agent).  Web agent is calling internal services to properly generate simple view as an HTML output. For the HTML output is used Robo4j templating service.

  User has any time an overview how the Robot was created.
This service is intended to allow in the future full dynamic system reconfiguration.

Stay Tuned! 


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