Welcome to Robo4J!

Robo4J is a framework for quickly getting started building and running robots and IoT devices. 
Robo4J is a set of Java libraries, allowing you to use your favourite tools and languages to quickly develop the required software.
·     Build robots and IoT systems quickly with very little experience of hardware
·     Quickly wire together different hardware units declaratively 
·     Spend more time on the fun stuff, like programming robot behavior, and less time on learning every single detail of your underlying hardware and writing code to put it all together
·     Robo4J currently supports the Raspberry Pi and Lego EVO3 platforms
Having your Java applications interact with the physical reality is quite fun! :)
Video 1. : Coff-E in action
If you are interested in learning more, you can sign up for the upcoming eBook here:

Until the book is ready, you can start with the following two blogs:
·         Getting Started with Robo4J

Video 2.: Lego, RaspberryPi and Pad on Robo4J