Sunday, January 15, 2017

Robo4J Raspberry Pi Support

There are now two new modules in Robo4J:
  • robo4j-math
    Some basic math definitions and functions that may prove useful when building robots. This module will provide common data definitions like points and lines, and also provide feature extraction and other functionality that will prove useful when building robots. We’re currently moving Coff-E to Robo4J, which means this module will grow quite a bit during the upcoming months.
  • robo4j-hw-rpi
    Provides abstractions for commonly used off-the-shelf hardware. Does not have dependencies on any other module but math, and can be used as easy to consume, stand-alone, Java hardware abstractions.
Now, if you are getting started with the Raspberry Pi and hardware, the robo4j-hw-rpi provides a quick way get started. It provides examples that are ready to run for some of the most commonly used chips and protocols out there. Using robo4j-hw-rpi can be used as simple, stand alone, java abstractions for accessing your hardware. It does not require you to buy into the rest of the framework, though we hope that using robo4j fully would be the natural next step once we get further along with our implementation.

If your particular piece of hardware is missing, please let us know. Or why not join our effort and add a nice Java abstraction for your favorite piece of hardware to the library?


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