Monday, April 3, 2017

How to Prepare Lego EV3 for Robo4J (install leJOS)

First download the LeJOS related files:

1. Download leJOS_EV3_0.9.1-beta.tar.gz
2. Download Java for Lego Mindstorm EV3 ejdk-8-fcs-b132-linux-arm-sflt-03_mar_2014.tar.gz

Next install LeJOS on the SD card:

1. According to the manual, you should use an SD card bigger than 2GB
2. Format the SD card (on Mac you can use SDFormatter)
3. Unpack leJOS_EV3_0.9.1-beta.tar.gz
4. Go to the unpacked folder
5. Copy the file to the SD Card
6. Unpack the file
7. Move all the unpacked content to the root of the SD card
8. Copy ejdk-8-fcs-b132-linux-arm-sflt-03_mar_2014.tar.gz to the root of the SD card
9. Put the SD card back into the EV3 Lego brick
10. Start the Lego brick

We do recommend to setup WiFi on your lego Brick. Such a setup allows you to use an ssh client to connect to the brick and the scp utility to upload files. The default password is not set (any characters sequence will be accepted).


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