The Robo4J team decided to share some motivational videos. Please note that the framwork is currently undergoing some heavy refactoring, but these little videos will at least hint towards the possibilities of the framework.

Robo4J is a hardware independent framework mean to support very simple up to quite complex systems. The examples below range from Lego Mindstorms to a RaspberryPi based tank guided by a laser range finder.

All the examples below are running on a Java Virtual Machine.

 RapsberryPi / Arduino :: JavaFX                   Simple AI algorithm: Lego MindStorm 

Lego Mindstorm / RaspberryPi                          Lego MindStorm with all sensors

Lego MindStorm / RapsberryPi                        RaspberryPi with LIDAR (Coff-E)

Logitech F710 Gamepad support