Tuesday, August 9, 2016

JavaOne4Kids and JavaOne :: Robo4j will be there

  Robo4j.io proudly announces that it takes a 2 hours long slot at JavaOne4Kids as part of JavaOne conference. It's great step for the robotics framework to prove its simplicit in building robotic system. 
  The Robo4j.io framework currently offers for Lego EV3 the RESTlike API and RMI API. Those APIs allow to access Lego EV3 Brick hardware which will be the core of the Robot. But such functionality is not all what Robo4j framework offers. 
  Beside the APIs Robo4j allows to the connection with Graph Database Neo4j and other databases are coming to be supported soon, such as SQL, NoSQL and etc.
  The Robo4j team is currently working on session details. The main goal is to introduce Robo4j.io framework as the solid upcoming fully capable framework for Internet Of Things like systems develoment. 

Stay tuned! 
Miro  (@miragemiko)


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