Thursday, June 23, 2016

1st Robo4j Demo is coming :: first taste of JavaFx Joystick

  Few days ago I've mentioned an Idea of having Robo4j JavaFx Joystick to my friend  @eppnikos . At that time he was seriously investigating JavaFx features. He completely open to take the challenge. 
  After few days he come up with base of Robo4j Java FX Joystick. I've connected the JavaFx app with Robo4j and pretty cool demo is born.

  What is Robo4j JavaFx Joystick ? 
  It's JavaFx application using library for connection with robot. JavaFX app is generating events. Those events are handled by one of Robo4j agent which communicates with another internal agents.... 
More detailed post will be released soon.

  Stay tuned and enjoy video!
Robo4j is alive! May the force be with it! 


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