Saturday, June 4, 2016

NEWS: Robo4j alfa-0.1 release is out

   Great news! Promised release date has been achieved and source-code has been deployed on GitHub under GPL license version 3. 
   What the release contains: 
  • robo4j-core
    •  core functionality which provides communication with robot, synchronisation of asynchronous events and etc.
  • robo4j-line
    • command line interface which is capable to dynamically extend robot behaviour
  To make the robot work it's necessary to follow previous blog post about how to build the robot.
   The configuration of the framework is then straight forward. It's necessary to link all robot parts properly together. For those purposes offers following types of annotations:
  • @SystemProperties - such annotation configures underlaying system, in this case it's Lego Mindstorms brick
  • @RoboEngine - such annotation is necessary to configure any engine available on the brick 
  • @RoboSensor - annotation allowos to link robot sensor with the Robo4j infrastructure 
  • @BatchAnnotation - allows to pre-configure Basic Commands. Such command are then available and ready to be used by the interface
   All configuration parts are then processed at initiation time of the inside the entry point. 
This entry point is the the class ControlPad.

   Pictured configuration is pretty straight forward and more will be published soon!
   Enjoy kick-off  

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