Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Robo4j Officially at JavaOne, JavaOne4Kids :: we will create the future

  Robo4j will introduce and present its simplicity at JavaOne4Kids (not Only for Kids ;) as the part of JavaOne conference.
We have reserved 2 hours slot full of fun. We in those two amazing hours we will assemble the robot and write different programs. 
Robo4j will make robot alive. 
  See you there! Robo4j is looking forward for you!
JavaOne4Kids agenda 


  1. Great idea. I Really like all the stuff about robot and robotics so this is really cool for me and i think this would be really informative for many people..!

  2. It is very good to see that there is a slot which is full of fun. I hope Javaone4kids may be interesting for all.
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