Sunday, September 11, 2016

Robo4j Design Sketch

Following design sketch should draw out the core ideas how the Robo4j framework is internally designed and what to expect. The ability of any Image  to carry much bigger mass of information than written text is fully appreciated here. 
  Robo4j Framework is meant to be fully agent system. Every agent has ability to interact with any other agent over appropriate interfaces. Every agent can create his own decision which is then transmitted to the Robo4j core message bus. 
  Robo4j Message Bus represents the abstraction of the communication line with underlying core system logic. Core logic is then executed on real hardware which represent the robot to the outside word.  
  Robo4j provides direct IO Socket based communication line which allows user to interact with the Robo4j System. Every external user action is then transmitted to the system core, analysed and presented as the Robo4j Event (Reaction). Robo4j provides also various connector with different data storages.
  In general Robo4j is Agent and Event based system which synchronises asynchronously incoming events.


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